Monday, August 17, 2009

Ok so since this is technically a sketch blog i suppose i should post up some sketches from time to time and not just finished work. here are some sketches for the next part of the activity book for safe kids. the page is going to be part of a coloring book and will show what sorts of vechiles one may encounter on the roadway. i have to do it in the same style as i did the cover so the guy on the left middle was just for fun.
The second project I'm working on at safe kids is renewing their activity book on pedestrian safety. This is the cover minus the titles and logo. No this isn't my usual style, but i am working this way because i have to copy the style of an illustrator who did some work for safe kids a while back. i did everything except for the lady and the two kids. The illustrators name is John Worthen (i think thats spelled right). I have no other information on him and I can't find a website for him, so if this is somehow copyright infringing he can just know that I'm not getting paid for this job. All things considered, i like working in this more simplified style, maybe i'll try to do more with it now that I'm getting to know illustrator more.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Here is the first illustration from my internship at safe kids. It's for CPS (child passenger safety weesk) which is sometime in september. They wanted an activity sheet for kids to do so we made a "find whats wrong with this picture" page. I did the drawing and the Graphic Designer here did the layout.