Monday, June 15, 2009

i really got into the whole poster thing this quarter and for my third vector project decided to make a poster for the (dc) local band Greenland. they are really good and i expect that link to be clicked. 
for my first illustrator (adobe that is) assignment i had to design a skateboard and matching t shirt and hat. originally i was going to do several boards with pictures of different people scratching their butts on it but ended up not doing that. i think i'll use some of the drawings of butt scratchers especially the biker guy for something else.

A painting of my idea of wrath (the deadly sin). i had to illustrate one of the sins or virtues for survey of illu. nothing makes me more angry than the blaring berrrrnnnn bernnnnnn beeeerrrrrnnn that i am unfortunate enough to listen to every morning. it is in acrylic