Friday, July 2, 2010

So it has been a while since my last post and i figured i should share my recent goings on. I have not stopped art-ing in my break from school. i have been drawing and painting just about everyday and i have taken up the profession of Non-Commissioned Exterior Decorator*.
(*That is not an admission of guilt to any future vandalism charges.)
There are a bunch of these that i don't have pictures of yet but these are some of the important ones. I will be photographing the others shortly. You may also notice the spiffy new layout of the blog, i was getting tired of all the interesting and vibrant colors so i switched to a dark grey. by the way for the three of you that will probably ever read this that was sarcasm.

The last painting is courtesy of Gadzooks.

some day i will get a better picture of the one on the top of the dinosaur breathing fire on the robot. that one was a collaborative effort with a cybernetic luchador compadre of mine.