Friday, October 9, 2009

These are two of the practice samples i did for my "plein air" painting project for acrylic techniques. Neither are really finished due to weather conditions (first rainy then waaayyy to hot but such is savannah) but the first is of my favorite coffee shop (gallery espresso) and the second is of some buildings near Morris Hall. (the illus. building) i dont know how i feel about painting ouitside just yet. it certainly is much harder than painting inside and it doesnt lend it self well to my "ok ill work for fifteen minutes then go make myself some coffee" mentality that i have. but its nice to just be sitting out there and working. its a little like doing the mural in that you have tons of random people just looking over your shoulder and trying to talk to you. i definitely wouldn't mind getting better at it in the long run even though i doubt i;ll be doing much plein air painting as an illustrator.