Friday, May 29, 2009

this was for survey of illustration (a "how-does-art-history-influence-contemporary-illustration" class) it was a cut paper collage (god damn, never doing that again, fear of x-acto blades and chunks out my fingers) and illustrated a creation myth. i did the mayan myth. if you cant read my 
SUPER_HYPER-UBER--NANOSIZED-ABRIDGED version of the ridiculously long original version of the story on the picture. here is an even shorter version:
1. first there was god
2. he was bored
3. he thought up the world, because he was bored, and there it was
4. he made people out of clay
5. they drowned
6. he made people out of corn and he stroked his own ego
7. they lived
8. like a hundred other pages about some twins playing soccer/basketball and the rest of the story doesn't really relate or matter

But yeah, mayan art is awesome. so awesome in fact that i have signed up for a ethnographic art history class (tribal art . . . i didnt make up that other name thats what it's called)

all of the parts of it are different mayan pictographs, the meanings of which vaguely tell the story, i could go into it but this post is long enough.

I think i pretty much covered this one in the last post . . . or next post i guess that depends on which way you are reading them. band poster for andy birds bolw (tired of rewriting that word) of fire. if you have not heard them, DO SO. (so that i am not completely copyright infringing) also because they are awesome. swing jazzy rock music blend . . . ish, yeah they're good. anyway its done in photoshop. also check out Jay Ryan's website (see link) he is one of my artistic heros and he does most of the cover art and real legitimate posters for A. Bird.
these are some ideas for the first project of my electronic illustration class (chronological order be damned!) supposed to be a band poster and with the amount that i listen to his music how could i not pay props to Andrew Bird and his bowl of fire? even though he has dropped the bowl of fire these days. the first was my attempt to get a likeness of him even though in the final piece his face is at the side view and looks nothing like him. Mr. Bird, if you are for whatever reason reading this:
1. AWESOME, you are for some reason reading my blog.
2. you rock
3. your face looks totally different from profile view as it does from straight on (why?)
4. i have recently noticed that you look a lot like David Byrne (i think thats awesome)
(david byrne's face looks different from the side for that matter too)

PS: A. Bird doesn't really have squinty eyes like he does in the top drawing of him he was just playing violin in the picture i was useing as ref.

i didnt really do thumbnails for this assignment (insert evil snicker here) but here are the original concept things i did. concept things being professional-legitimate-art-jargon. the assignment was a direct painting. basically just NOT doing an underdrawing and painting from photo reference to get that rough hard edged concept art look that is so popular right now. we had to do a painting of ourselves at any point in history and, taking off with the silly, way over-the-top nature of the concept art world, i put myself in a post-apocalyptic future in which i am riding a giant armadillo, and shooting at an alarm clock/robot. yeah, it's awesome. oh, and did i mention that i'm also in monument valley?

this is the cover i did as a digital collage in my photoshop class. for the bok Life of Pi. good book, crazy ending. all of the textures are pictures of things that i found or scanned in and colorized and compiled in photoshop along with some drawings. i attempted to do two versions of the cover for this project but was only able to do one and a half. i like the other one just as well. i would finish putting the bible torah and quoran pages over the clouds, i would import the drawing i did of pi and put the boat in under him and the tiger but you get the gist of it.

the main set of thumbnails for my digital collage project in a photoshop class. we were assigned to do a book cover and i went with the largest life of pi design. i like the frankenstein one at the top and i might do it as a side project later. 

a half finished picture of my first editorial spread. it was on greenwashing. the actual thing is finished i just don't have a pic of it right now i will update it as soon as i get one. watercolor

here are some basic thumbnails for my first editorial illustration piece. it's on eco friendly false advertising or "greenwashing" i went with the bottom right one on the first page.
 The american oil monster. This piece was just in a show in a coffee shop in savannah (the Sentient Bean) (see the pic) Mikzd mee-dee-ah

the pic on the left is the final cover i did for the book. the one on the right was the gist of most of the thumbnails i did for the design. but the professor the rest of the class and everyone else i talked to said they liked the one on the left. im sticking to my guns and am revising and finishing the original. if you have an opinion i want to know!
That thar is the 2nd colored 2 page spread for the book im working on. this is the scene where vasilissa meets the baba yaga. photoshop and a tiny bit of watercolor
This is the front matter for a book i'm working on. It is a retelling of the russian folk-tale of vasilissa and the baba yaga, about a little girl who must escape from a witch. the witch baba yaga was said to have "iron teeth". this was done in photoshop

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I oirginally drew this for an assignment for editorial illustration but turned it in as my materials 2 final. its meant to be life after global warming. same as the bob dyan portrait i used a little bit of everything
Here is a portrait of Bob Dylan. Acrylic, oil, watercolor . . . a little bit of everything. 

Here are the thumbnails and the drawing i did for the portrait of bob dylan. still working on getting the likeness of people. i admire charicaturists, it's hard work
the watercolor project for materials 2. i was sitting there wondering what to draw when i saw a travelocity commercial and decided that the gnome probably had some pent up issues to deal with. i'd like to frame it but im not really sure how. i think one day maybe ill try to build a frame for it myself.
some doodles from my sketchbook that turned into a practice for the one just above this. 
my first project for materials 2. this was a project for experimenting with acrylics. i dont know if you can really tell from the picture but there is a bumpy texture that i mixed in with the paint over the area of the monster. one day this is how my children will deal with the monster under their bed.

this is my first real attempt at photoshop. in intro to illu. we had to make a public event poster, unfortunately there is no actual java fest but if there was, OH HO HO if there was . . . (august 16th is my dad's birthday) 
this is an ink drawing i did for my intro class. it is an illustration of one of the 100 something children's limericks by Edward Lear. 
"There was an old man from Quebec,
  a beetle ran over his neck
  with a needle, I'll slay you O' beetle
  that angry old man from Quebec."
-edward lear

if for whatever reason you feel compelled to find a new meaning to repetitive and formulaic by all means click here. if not don't worry you're not missing anything.
This is a poster i did for materials 1. for Animal Collective, one of my favorite bands. maybe not for everyone but i like them. done in watercolor

the first actual sketches on my sketch blog i found these thumbnails for my animal collective poster in an old sketchbook. there are two other pages of the little thumbnails but these are the most interesting. plus i didnt use any of them. below is my best impression of what the little guy is doing in the lower left of the second page . . .

a watercolor project from mat tech 1. project was to make a book cover and i did Lullaby by chuck palanihuk palanuk? i dont know, this guy . . . he wrote invisible monsters and choke
anyway the book was about a journalist who discovers that the reason for SIDS is people reading an african death poem to their babies. THEN it gets crazy. good book.

This is a pastel project from materials and techniques 1. we had to illustrate a "secret". and of course what is more secret than what a kid is drawing on the corners of his math work? 
everything below here is from before i started illustration classes. OHH, nostalgic.

this was a colored pencil drawing i did for drawing 3. i had to take the color scheme and composition from a famous work of art and re design it. i used evening rain at atake bridge by hiroshige and drew the guy with the book. none of the characters mean anything except the one on the spine of the book which means dog (inu) and that was by accident.
15 shots from 2001 space odyssey. for a story-boarding class. great movie but not 6 times in a row. done in markers
this one is not finished but it is going to stay that way. it took me so long to get it to this point that i have sworn off of colored pencils on white paper. if only i had used a colored paper i could have finished it in a quarter of the time but NOOOO . . . anyways here it is.
this one is not quite done either. it is meant to say "clean shit up!" on the whiteboard behind me also my feet aren't rendered. also i don't have a face. i think it still looks like me though, i have very distinctive hair. i will finish it once i have my pastels and the drawing in the same state. (geographically speaking) 
a self portrait in white charcoal. thank god my nose isn't actually that big! i was trying to work in my orange and green striped work shirt into all my drawing in that class but i forgot to add the stripes in this one. 

my second project for my 2d design class i think the project was to create a game board but i was tired of color theory and wanted to draw something other than squares for once so i did this instead. i added the spinner in the middle to stand by the requirements
After being assigned what seemed like my 20th perspective assignment in drawing 2 i decided to sit on the floor outside of my classroom and draw the sink in the hallway. no, unfortunately the floors aren't quite that shiny in real life.
this is an antique! the first project i ever did at scad! not knowing what to do for my gestalt theory project for 2d design my friend patrick threw my shoe at me and thus my project was begun! Media: about $30 worth of micron pens
A still life from drawing 2. done in charcoal and yes, that is a plastic butt in the background.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

public service announcement against secondhand smoking. mostly acrylic

Friday, May 1, 2009

yup. i was right. the internet hates cmyk. sorry us web coated SWOPv2!
woah. that looks kind of cool actually maybe i'll change it to look like this! when i uploaded it to the post thing i guess the uploader didnt like the color profile or something because it baisically inverted my picture. but i kind of like it this way. i dont know we'll see. anyway this was going to be just a place holder until i finish the poster but i don't know maybe ill just keep up.