Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ok i know what you're thinking. But i can explain. This is the first part of my third painting assignment (he still has the second part, not giving back work seems to be a thing with my painting prof.) We were supposed to do an entire painting without the use of a brush. it wasn't required to be representational but the orange circle that ended up in the middle of my project had a swoop across the top and a rectangular portion at the bottom. i took one look at it and said "damn, i guess i have to paint hitler now." the project also required that we weave another piece of paper into our painting. ridiculous and not to mention gaudy and several other things but doing ugly pointless things to a perfectly good piece of art seems to be a thing with the painting dept. i tried to make it as subtle as possible and keep it limited to his blazer but he still kind of looks like a car dealership salesman. i dont know what that says about WW2 and the holocaust but there it is . . . there seems to be something that was stuck to the glass of the scanner in the bottom right of the pic. at some point i will re scan it but its not too much in the way now. i think its tape or something.
Everybody loves dinosaurs!! Especially me at age 5. (I know what you're thinking sarah) Project three for acrylics class was a lot of fun. The assignment was to do a painting using Gilbert Stone's process. basically slowly building up value with white on top of a colored ground, then quickly glazing in local color and darks. Plus, i got to paint dinosaurs. I think i need to clean up the edge but other than that i am really happy with this one. maybe i just love dinosaurs . . . . . . DINOSAURS!!!!!!!!
Its funny, for my second painting project (i still haven't gotten my first one back) we were supposed to do a painting, which i did, then BACKWARDS ink it by painting with white gouache where we dont want ink. Then paint the entire thing with black ink and then wash it off. I can usually find things to learn from a project even if i don't agree with it, and im not one to usually complain but come on! the painting looked good before the white gouache killed all the color and contrast (and wasted a twenty dollar tube of paint). If i wanted the thing to look like a block print why wouldn't i just DO a block print and paint on top, saving my self a lot of time and money. now i have to go back and cover up the damage that the requirements of the project did. the painting dept. seems to work backwards from the illustration dept. in that they spend as long as they can on their work and make up meaning later rather than working quickly towards a preset goal. phew. . . that class gets me worked up. but thats another story. not like its really a portfolio piece anyway but i would like to go back and fix the painting if not just for the jellyfish which were fun to draw.

Ok haven't posted for a while but what can i say my scanner is out of commission and im far from a comp lab. The two paintings below are practice samples for my second acrylic tech. project. It involves using a pencil or charcoal underdrawing to quickly turn out a painting. pretty useful i think. I think the raccoon/pig guy is cool and i might go back and work on him a little more. I like the big monkey man too but i think he is good as he is. As for the final piece, the little sign on the door says back in fifteen. Just a few more little highlights one the monkey and floor and i should be done with it.