Saturday, August 30, 2014

A laughing boy asks a favor of a laughing city,
perched in the crows nest
a husk of a house on a hill
this day this shall all be mine
100 years of future light
playing in the breezy black
of a southern summer night

A laughing boy asks a favor of a laughing city,
once he asked the same of the moon
except that was before the spring came
this is different, better even
when he asked the moon he was crying
the moon was, maybe laughing

A laughing boy asked a favor of a laughing city,
now he sees with smiles
(i'm)perfect but solid at least
i don't think the moon has ever actually fallen
and landed on anyone anyway.

he just has to say,
be good to me and
i'll be good to you

Amorous legumes offer no explanations.

There is a small morsel of fruit hanging in the air,
it takes stock of its surroundings, sniffs the morning dew
can time retain this viscosity forever?
i hope so.

We laugh --------------- or rather both laugh together


Solid-state time can only sublime
there are SO many grapes in this world

yet here sits he while away plays she
off on a spring-bird fancy

......something has broken down here
this poem is in - con      gruous

but something must happen
or nothing at all
or surely come down
will cradle and all

i have you, and me you have, you
or so it goes
but thankful i am for heaves and hos
and space between toes

even if loving beans act without thinking.

More lectures on black holes.

Ghosts of birds in morning trees
hide with love in a swarm of bees
thoughts of flowers overgrown
with trashcans and sno-cones
wishing once more to see the sun
snap bang the sound of a gun
discontent is the autumn of this wood
i am the spring
and i would if i could.