Tuesday, November 30, 2010

ok. the changes to the blog are ground breaking i know but what did i tell you about hanging on to your toupees? its time to shake things up a bit. lite a fire under my chair and DO SOMETHING!!!
Oh so i may have forgot to mention that several weeks ago a good friend of mine in a very good band, THE TORCHES, Asked me to do a flyer for their up coming show. This is what i came up with for them. I will be doing another one for a show in mid December and i will hopefully be selling prints of it AT the show. But look for process stuff for that on here.

oh and a link to the torches website is HERE!!

oh. hello. i didn't notice you there. it has only been two months since i last posted on this blog. what can i say. the CIA has been on my tail since Shanghai. I've had to fly under the radar for a bit. But since i've surfaced i now have a shiny new job and a shiny new car and airplane and a bitchin' mustache. Also i did some doodles on post-IT notes to decorate my otherwise fair-to-moderately un-interesting workspace.

What can i say? i need to get the creative jucies flowing. Yes. creative juciy-es... There are mosquito larvae growing in my brain. . . . ok that metaphor was way more gross than i intended but you see my point. I have hit the doldrums and i am in great danger of scurvy. SCURVY! so please if you can. send me limes. or star-fruit.

There have been great changes to my life over the past year. Some small things. But mainly big things. But thats not what this blog is about. This blog is about me diverting my 100% mental focus FROM the important, payed task at hand; TO art or something much more interesting than whatever it is I'm working on. Glorified power point presentations namely. Anyway. i have a fancy new fangled internet wachama-hoosit that can simultaneously take pictures, and send them to the internet and call you all at the same time. my point is now i don't have to dig my scanner out of the pile of paper scraps paint tubes and pens that is my desk. also i can do it at work. so all seven of you dedicated followers can just get ready to hang on to your toupees cause its about to get all artsy up in this bitch.