Friday, October 8, 2010

i am still alive i promise!!!!!!! now that i look at the date it has been way too ridiculously long since i've posted anything. but it doesn't feel like it. i got a job at UTRECHT art supplies in DC and that eats up just about all of my day. EVERY DAY. but i still find time for art. but not for sleeping. never sleeping. for instance, now. its 3:00 in the morning and i should be sleeping and packing for New Orleans but here i am doing art related stuff. sheesh! anyway. . . not only have i kept up with the exterior art but i have taken up oil painting as well and lots of pencil drawings and life drawing sessions and acrylic paintings and sketch sniping people... so much art has happened this summer. to be honest i'm surprised, i thought that i would have a hard time keeping myself working on art but here i am. i'll scan in stuff and start this thing back up real soon. i promise!!!!! (for my hardcore base of followers that still check this thing religiously even though i havent posted in 3 months.)

oh by the way the pic is a margarita mix label that i just finished tonight for Wilder Bros. Craft Margarita Mix. They are the Jack Daniels of Margaritas. Or thats what they told me they wanted to look like anyway.