Saturday, July 25, 2009

I forgot to add this in any of the pics of the mural. this is on the overhang above the right side of the wall. i was up on the ladder painting the ceiling blue when it occured to me that Michalangelo must have had a hell of a time painting the sistine chapel. one thought led to another and i ended up at this. i called it the creation of sam adams.

Bum ba na na buh bum ba na na na na na! the mural is finished! it only took me a month but its finally done. here are some pics of the little people dancing around on it (note: i left some not colored in on purpose) much thanks to everyone who helped me finish it: ABB, OFJ, ZPL and most especially SeB. 

Friday, July 24, 2009

This is a quick flash movie that i just found hidden in the far reaches of my hard drive. i made it waaaayyyyy back in high school as a supplement to a movie that i had to make for a government class that i was done editing and to kill time while it was rendering i made this. the whole thing started when i found the weird noise thats in the background in the sound effects folder at the Career Center, one thing led to another and i ended up with this . . .

Thursday, July 23, 2009

This is a little animation i made to demonstrate how to use flash. (i teach flash and photoshop at a summer camp). i just sort of started and kept adding to it with more and more doodles as time wore on im still adding to it.

Random doodles from hours of bordom due to the kids being too self sufficient with flash. oh well what can you do? i would color them but the driver for my wacom pad is not installed on the computers at the career center.
Here is another little poster for the CRS thing (see post below) i did this yesterday for some kids doing a backwards video. we teach them how to use video effects in premiere by haveing them go out and shoot stuff happenening forwards and then they make it backwards in editing. some kids filmed me doing this quick poster and played it backwards in their movie at -10000 speed shortening it from half an hour to like 20 or 30 seconds it looks cool ill post the movie if i can find it. now that i look at it i think i accidentally did it with the wrong pixel aspect ratio cause it looks smooshed but whatever

P.S. ok i found the movie!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I teach flash and photoshop at a summer camp, and in an attempt to get the kids to behave one of the other counselors told them that everything they did needed to be either classy respectful or supportive. the phrase caught on and two years later it has become a mainstay of the tv multimedia curriculum. in a hour of boredom i made my own version of james montgomery flagg's  i want you poster. im going to get it printed and have it hang right over the white board in the classroom

Thursday, July 16, 2009

more mural stuff
here is the mural as of july 15. its just about done i think, i still need to add the windows on the rest of the grey buildings and there are some more people i need to paint on the buildings. hopefully finishing up this weekend.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

 this is the mural as i left it this afternoon. (july 2nd) i start work at the career center next monday so i will have to finish up this thing in the rest of my spare time. i have a light and an extension chord so maybe i'll be able to work at night.

mural. oh yeah.
here is a poster for a hypothetical show of my work. this was the final project for my poster class. we had to do a self portrait but we weren't allowed to depict our selves. clothes on a clothesline proved hard enough to draw but the people were insanely hard to get right. i drew this by hand then colored in photoshop.
a public service announcement poster. im sure there isn't anyone left smoker or nonsmoker alike who doesn't know smoking is bad for you. so if you're going to smoke, go ahead but dont make it my problem. ok thats the only bit of moralizing that will be on this blog i promise! acrylic with a little colored pencil and photoshopped letters
a poster for devendra banhart. (i must re-iterate as much as i wish i was, i am not the poster designer for any of the bands or movies or whatever so these are not "legit") i made this after the song "Long Haired Child" you know, Imma wont dat chaild to bee-ee-e a loong hairred chaild! i did it in watercolor, acrylic and colored pencil (letteris in photoshop) and by the way thanks ashley.

movie poster for the movie The Fall. i was originally going to have the colors be vaguely realistic with a blue sky and brown staircase but i accidentally fliped the colors in photoshop and decided i liked them better as red and green. i used illustrator and photoshop